Welcome to the School Readiness Early Learning Performance Funding Project

Now in its fifth year, this project is designed to reward providers for achieving or maintaining a high level of quality as indicated by the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS.) Research conducted by the University of Florida’s Lastinger Center indicated a number of benefits to providers in the project such as improved teacher knowledge, implementation of effective teaching practices, improved teacher child interactions and an improved classroom climate all leading to a higher standard of care for children.

Providers selected to participate are assigned to levels of proficiency based on a composite score from prior CLASS assessments.

Each level of proficiency has different support strategies designed to improve or maintain the quality of services provided to the children in care such as implementation of child assessments, professional development opportunities and the creation of a career pathway for practitioner. In addition, providers may receive technical assistance and coaching to help them realize their higher quality goals.

Providers receive a higher per child reimbursement when they demonstrate higher CLASS scores and elect to implement child assessments.

Please contact the Office of Early Learning if you need technical assistance by email at PerformanceFunding@oel.myflorida.com or by phone at 855-890-3226.